Send life energy to 350-800nm


Life energy has a wavelength of 350 to 800 nanometers. How I
come to the conclusion that life energy is in the visible light range:

There are people who say, "You can see an aura around your head."

The scientists reply: "No, that would have to do with the eyes, because of the light-dark transitions. Aura seeing would be nonsense. "

However, I have experienced two situations from which I conclude that life energies flow in the visible light range.

The first is the following:

I had a karate master who not only taught me karate but also the esoteric side.

He made me meditations.

So we meditated together and after these meditations I could see how light came out of his heart.

You have to imagine it like this: You see the head, the body, the T-shirt, and the heart area that has lit up strongly.

Back then, when I was 26 or 28 years old, it was something really great for me.

A little later I thought that those were just problems in perception, clouded by meditation, anyway.

But some time ago something different, something new happened to me.

I met someone with whom I have a lot to do.

He was standing in front of me and suddenly I see a ray of light coming from his heart.

Such a bright flash. It is difficult to describe. It wasn't like a spotlight, but rather like a movie when a light source slowly appears somewhere. Just a little bit faster.

That stayed for about one second.

I was taken aback and took a step back.

As a result, he noticed that I realized what he was doing. So he did it on purpose.

I know what he can do. He did it on purpose. This allows me to understand and explain what exactly happened there and how.

So he imagined that his heart shines brightly and that it emits a strong beam of light.

I have tried and noticed this myself several times, the heart has to recharge somehow.

You can't do that all the time. Whenever I could do it, it was a very strange situation.

I remembered it early. I have made up my mind to do it during the day.

All day long I felt like I'm doing it now, I just need the right situation.

Then the right situation came and I did it.

But if I had to do it again afterwards, I couldn't have done it.

Now of course I also ask myself, does it have to do with the fact that I received a thought?

Is it something cosmic?

Does the heart have to be charged to do something like that?

Why can't I repeat it?

A thousand questions come up in me.

Nevertheless, it works. You can see it and experience it. But it rarely happens.

It's just nice to see that it works, how it works, and to know that something really exists, even if the scientists don't see it. Or if they saw it, couldn't believe it and think they had a hallucination.

I would be very happy if someone could finally prove it scientifically.